About us

«Pirosmani» Restaurant

Saturated with the spirit of the old Tbilisi, the «Pirosmani» Restaurant has opened up its doors for the judges of the Georgian culture.

Yes, exactly, culture, because the cuisine of any nation is an integral part of its culture and Heritage.

The restaurant, which is named in honour of the famed Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani, is decorated with the repros of his brightest paintings. The main hall puts one in mind of the old Tbilisi. The famous Tbilisi balconies are re-enacted there.

The chefs from Georgia are waiting for you so they can offer you the assortment of the most popular Georgian cuisine components including the delicious ojakhuri, the splendid khachapuri, the delicate khinkali and many more. All this is accompanied by the Georgian wines that strike one with their vivid tastes.

And this is not all...

We will ornament your night out with live music. What Georgian repast can go without the iconic traditional choral singing? The quartet of professionals from Georgia will be performing traditional songs and stage potpourri for you. The musical programme of every evening will be sure to leave its unforgettable impression on our guests.

All you now have to do is come by and see it all with your own eyes…